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Feature documentary 
1x75 minutes (2024) 

The feature documentary JOHANNE tells the story of Johanne Harrelle, one the first Black model in America, and exposes the chapters of her tumultuous life embodied by contemporary and celebrated Black female artists, through Nadine Valcin's lens, an award-winning Canadian Black director.

Written and Directed by Nadine Valcin.


Produced by Josiane Blanc and Ania Jamila, under the supervision and mentorship of Yves Bisaillon.



Dramedy Series 
8x23 minutes (2024) 

Fleeing the war in Lebanon in the late 80s, siblings Zeina (14) and Fady (9), and their parents, move to Canada. The family’s new home quickly becomes the go-to destination for displaced Lebanese seeking temporary shelter, to the great despair of the two children, who are forced to share a room.

Written by Josiane Blanc, Ania Jamila & Bernard Boulad 

Directed by Ania Jamila& Josiane Blanc

Produced by Daniela Mujica, Ania Jamila, Josiane Blanc & Eric Idriss Kanago

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