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Directed by Josiane Blanc 

Produced by Ania Jamila 

Blokus is a 7 episode scripted webseries that follows the journey of a single-parent family, coping with Toronto’s increasing housing precariousness. When Manuela and her family are threatened to be evicted from their apartment by a real estate developer, she decides to fight back, in hopes of remaining in her neighbourhood.


When I grow Young

Directed by Jonathan Cortes

Produced by Ania Jamila

Co-produced by Josiane Blanc 

When I grow Young is a point of view documentary film, that follows Noélia’s journey. Noélia is a Montrealer, originally from Uruguay, who will experience two life changing events, at 39 years old. First, she will reunite with her biological father whom she never met; and second, she will finally step on the stage of a big standup comedy show, making her lifelong dream a reality. By healing from her past, Noélia is empowered to better create her future.


False start

Directed by Josiane Blanc

Produced by Ania Jamila

False Start is a fiction short film. When her mother decides to visit her unexpectedly, Roselyne is forced to revisit their tumultuous past for the first time. After years of silence, the confrontation is now inevitable.


she boss tribe

Directed by Ania Jamila 

Produced by Josiane Blanc 

She Boss Tribe is a documentary series about female entrepreneurship across the globe. There are 250 million female entrepreneurs worldwide. In some countries, there are even more female entrepreneurs than male entrepreneurs. So why aren’t we talking about them? Why aren’t we seeing them and hearing their voice? This documentary series, of 8 to 10 episodes follows the journey of one new protagonist, each episode, bringing to light a business story and, mostly, the human story behind it. 


The Shoeless Boy

Directed by Ania Jamila 

Produced by Josiane Blanc 

Executive Producer: Sherien Barsoum

The Shoeless Boys is a short documentary. Khalid Fensab, who suffers from muscular degeneration, devoted his entire life to helping under-served children. At 48 years old, stuck in a wheelchair, he’s now ready to fulfill his dream by qualifying to the Paralympic Games, before it’s too late.



Directed by  Josiane Blanc 

Headline is a stop-motion documentary short film made using paper, magazine and newspaper clippings. This short documentary will focus on the representation of diverse cultural communities in the media. The aim of the project is to address media treatment and discuss the direct impact it has on these communities. 

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