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"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we
all belong to one human race."

Diversified Voices was born of a desire to see more films and TV content that reflects the true reality of cultural communities and marginalized groups in our western societies.

Today more than ever with the advent of technology, the world is bombarded with false information that negatively affects the lives of the under-represented communities.


Wanting to give voice to these groups and allow them to tell their stories in the way they want them to be told, Diversified Voices wants to provide accurate information in everything it creates and put forward authentic, heartfelt and original content that helps to improve the dialogue between communities here in Canada and everywhere else around the world. We want to focus on the truths that unite us all. 


We adhere to the values of fairness, integrity, honesty, diversity, equity and reel representation. Based in Toronto, a city where 50% of its inhabitants were born outside of Canada, we want our content to reflect this cultural mix that also makes it one of the most beautiful city in the world.

Josiane Blanc 

Josiane is a writer, director, producer, who’s versatility allowed her to occupy a wide range of positions in Canada, Europe, South America and Africa. Those life  changing experiences fundamentally shaped her journey as an artist who feels compelled to speak on everything related to social injustice and discrimination.


In 2020, Tales of Ordinary Fatphobia, a short documentary produced by the NFB regarding the impact of fatphobia on the mental health of kids and teens, premiered on Radio-Canada and was described by critics as treasure of delicacy, hard-hitting, difficult to watch but necessary film. In June 2021, Ainsi va Manu, her 7-part short form scripted series telling the story of a 16 years old teen girl who’s family are about to be evicted from their apartment in Toronto, was broadcast on the online platform of French broadcaster TV5 & TFO and was selected for several international festivals winning a total of 15 awards, including five for best director.


The series is now renewed for a second season. That same year, Josiane had the opportunity to produce and host the French episodes of Strong & Free, an Historica Canada and Media Girlfriends podcast series about Canadian Black history. Strong & Free recently won the Gold Award for Best Podcast: Arts, Culture and Society at the Digital Publishing Awards while also being selected on Amazon music's best podcasts. In 2022 she won the WIFT Showcase Best Directing award for Ainsi va Manu and was chosen as one of Playback's 10 to watch in 2022. 


Josiane’s upcoming projects includes her TV hour documentary Words Left Unspoken, season 2 of Ainsi va Manu & Hôtel Beyrouth a half hour drama series.

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